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Six food machinery business development highlights
adminadmin  date2011/1/1 16:13:07  Click5524
Food machinery in China, the rapid pace of development, the industry there have been many large-scale leading enterprises with good returns. China's food machinery manufacturing industries, to keep up with international advanced level, but do not truly independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation of products is very small.

Situation of increasing competition, the food machinery business had to find new development highlights to secure their position in the industry. Looking at the situation in the industry, the following six development highlights:

1, and innovation. China's food machinery manufacturing business from the perspective of innovation, from the height of intellectual property to develop new products, develop world-class advanced equipment, so in order to truly achieve domestic food machinery manufacturing industry upgrading. Technical support from foreign food machinery industry in China is an important step forward pass.

2 people. State University on a professional food machinery less, food machinery companies need home grown talent. Joint university sponsored professional food machinery, food machinery innovation and talent development is the new needs of the times. Whether national or an enterprise, we need people's support. With professional talent, companies have strong internal forces, emboldened enough. Industry experts are also an indispensable guide business objects. This unit personnel only seize power. To higher food machinery business in order to further local development.

3 services. Food Machinery of mechanical industry, but now has not only sold on the mechanical end of things. Food machinery businesses need to provide one-stop professional services. Focus on pre-, during and after sales services in three areas, to raise the status of the interests of buyers to the development of relations between the interests of their own position. Still relatively small on the scale of procurement to support business efforts, try to develop the food industry procurement efforts.

4, the policy. "Food Machinery Safety and Health" and the use of new food packaging, signs, etc. are the qs of food machinery business of the new requirements. Only in the following policy under the premise of food machinery company's products to gain market recognition.

5, low-carbon. Popular low-carbon global environmental protection has also been blown machinery industry. Food machinery industry needs to move closer to energy. The most obvious is the development of beverage bottles to be turned. Beverage bottles are lightweight and materials changes the requirements of environmental protection, food machinery industry, the implementation of appropriate technology products to improve national policies in order to meet market requirements.

6, network promotion. The traditional way to promote electronic information age has not keep up the pace. Internet Marketing has become the highlight of the food machinery business. In the industry to do more professional website to promote the best choice.

Food machinery industry each year are in progress, the development momentum. Only the closure of enterprises, there is no collapse of the industry. Food machinery companies need to seize the highlights of their own development, to in the industry based.
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